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Timothy Tyler, Ed.D.

Outreach Program Director

Dr. Timothy Tyler has over 20 years’ experience in the public-school educational system. Prior to his work at Agape, Dr. Tyler served as the Director of School Health, providing contractual oversight, data collection and reporting, as well as, billing and invoicing for an $8.6m program involving 147 public schools and 4 Community Health Centers.  The school health project also included the implementation of the largest School Health Telemedicine Program in the country. It included 28 Telemedicine Schools and 7 community health centers and hospitals that served as virtual sites.

Prior to receiving his Doctorate, Dr. Tyler worked as a High School Teacher, Football Coach and Ninth Grade Dean for 19 years. He also worked as a psychiatric Social worker with a focus on dually diagnosed young adults suffering from addiction and mental illness.

Dr. Tyler formed a non-profit organization called “The Miami Globetrotters” that took under privileged young people to West Africa and South Africa on educational excursions.

Dr. Tyler received many accolades throughout his career including Rookie Teacher of the Year, Teacher of the Year, 2 Football State Championships, the first Miami Non-profit organization to take Miami Dade County students to Africa and the successful implementation of telehealth programs in US schools and Haiti.

He is the son of Missionary parents that spent 15 years in Nigeria West Africa. As a result of their influence, Dr. Tyler has also done mission work in West Africa, South Africa and Haiti.

Dr. Tyler is serving as an adjunct professor in the Organizational Leadership and Learning Master’s Program in the Bahamas, teaching in both Freeport and Nassau and serves as a performance consultant to major industries in the Bahamas.

He has a Doctorate of Education with a specialty in Organizational Learning and Leadership from Barry University, a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Miami, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitative Services from Murray State University in Kentucky.

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