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About Us

Agape Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It specializes in a comprehensive, integrated healthcare system that addresses the multifaceted health issues experienced by individuals and families today.

About Agape

About Agape

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What We Do

Located in Miami-Dade County, our facilities include a six-acre community health center with residential inpatient and outpatient services located in Allapattah, an eight-acre campus located on Old Cutler Road, and various on-site locations across the county.

Agape Network provides holistic, value-based quality care through a patient-centered medical home for a total wellness approach, incorporating treatment modalities that heal the body, mind and spirit.  With highly experienced care teams of more than 150 staff members, including physicians,  board certified addiction specialists (child and adult), psychiatrists, therapists, licensed clinical social workers, care managers, chaplains, intake team, advanced nurse practitioners, benefits eligibility determination specialists, registered dieticians and peer specialists, we are uniquely qualified to serve people with complex behavioral and physical healthcare needs.

Utilizing a treatment approach that addresses the whole person, we integrate behavioral health services, primary care services, and manage transitions of care across a broad range of healthcare continuums, hospitals, criminal justice systems, and community-based systems of care.  Since 2008, we have followed the patient-centered medical health home model that coordinates care of individuals’ overall wellness using a team-based clinical model that includes clients, providers, and family members in-home on-site.

Our integrated medical and behavioral health services provide a continuum of care for long term engagement and wellness. Agape Network’s culture of innovation is driven by evidence-based data to continuously improve and deliver high-value, cost-conscious care with outcomes that demonstrate our ability to change lives by restoring individuals and families to psychological, social, physical, and spiritual health.

The Agape Network Expansion

Watch this video learn a little more about the upcoming expansion of the Agape Network. For more details please click here.

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