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Residential Admission Program

If you think you need treatment in Agape’s Residential Program:

Step 1:
-Substance abuse clients will need an assessment. You can schedule one by calling Agape at (305) 235-2616. The available times are Monday and Tuesdays at 10am or Wednesdays at 11am.
-Mental Health clients will need a Psychiatric Evaluation. You can schedule one by calling Agape at (305) 235-2616.
Both of these are by appointment ONLY, no walk ins. They can be done via ZOOM or in person at Agape.
If you live in the north, you have the option to go to Central Intake for your assessment (substance abuse clients only): 3140 NW 76 street, Miami, Florida 33147; (305) 694-2766

Step 2:
Clients must meet criteria for the available beds during the assessment.
-Substance abuse clients must have severe substance abuse issues that are interfering with their functioning in life. While we have beds for all clients who qualify for residential substance abuse treatment, the majority of the beds available are for the following criteria: Clients that have children under the age of 17 and have parental rights (parents who have been TPR’d do not qualify) OR Clients that have an opioid use disorder AND are willing to take MAT meds while in Residential treatment (opioid replacement therapy).  
-Mental Health clients must have a hx of severe mental illness/Baker Acts, etc.


Step 3: 
Assessments that meet criteria are sent to our Managing Entity for approval.


Step 4: 
The Managing Entity sends us the approved referral (usually the same day) and assigns the client a specific bed.


Step 5: 
Client is contacted by Agape Admission Coordinator to schedule intake date. 

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