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Mommy & Me Programs

Mommy & Me is a mother and child addiction and reunification program that provides a safe and caring place for expectant mothers, parenting moms and those who are attempting to reunify with their children to receive residential treatment for substance abuse, mental and behavioral health, and co-occurring disorders. Gender-specific services are individualized to meet the needs of a recovering mother while ensuring that their child/children (ages birth to four years old) are nurtured in a family-intact environment where the parent-child relationship can be restored.

Mommy & Me is one of the few treatment programs in Florida designed to meet the urgent need to rehabilitate and strengthen the family bond, while helping mothers address the fear of losing custody of their child/children if they enter treatment.

Offering an unparalleled array of long-term, wrap-around services and community support, Mommy & Me provides a comprehensive, continuous and integrated system of care delivered in a state-of-the-art facility on our seven-acre campus located in southern Miami-Dade County. We have partnered with the child welfare and criminal justice systems for over 30 years, serving women with children facing the challenges of chronic substance abuse and/or severe and persistent mental illness.

Utilizing a medical home model, Mommy & Me integrates primary care and behavioral health care services that move mothers toward quicker restoration by removing barriers of entry for women seeking treatment and preventing foster care placement of their children; and, ultimately ending the cycle of addiction and abuse for their families.

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