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Behavioral Health Community Health Center

Agape Network Community Health Center is a fully coordinated and integrated healthcare system that is nationally accredited. Agape’s holistic mission is to “Restore individuals and families to psychological, social, physical, and spiritual health” Located in Miami-Dade County, our facilities include a six-acre 30,000 square feet community health center with residential inpatient and outpatient services, an eight-acre 16,000 square feet Old Cutler Road facility, and onsite locations across the county. Our whole person care model provides integrated physical/primary care and behavioral health care connecting members to our patient centered medical health home. Agapes in-home and on-site care teams help increase patient trust, develop effective ongoing patient-provider communication, and increase the opportunity for patients to receive appropriate primary and long term preventive care, thus reducing nonadherence to care treatment plans and avoidable hospital visits and readmissions. Agape assumes single point of accountability engaging clients in-home with their natural supports. Agape also provides services through mobile technology telehealth/telemedicine, helping our care teams monitor patients’ health remotely, identify symptoms, and provide early interventions at their point of need. 


Agape's philosophy and practice of rehabilitation grows from our fundamental belief in the capacity of unconditionally loved individuals to grow beyond the disabling effects of disability or disease. In partnership with Health Choice Network (, Agape is part of a national model of successful collaboration among community health partners. By sharing common infrastructure, population health technology, electronic health records, risk management, managed care, value based quality care, research and administrative services, members increase effectiveness, decrease costs, and provide better, more consistent, coordinated and accessible care. Agape provides a comprehensive care management solution with population health technology, helping coordinate care transitions, identify and manage high-risk patients, and close care gaps. Through this population health care management solution our health center and community care teams have:

•    Access to data aggregation throughout the healthcare continuum (EMR, claims, labs, etc.) real time ADT data to drive transitions of care.
•    Assessment process driving personalized care plan and compliance
•    Communication throughout care team members and patients
•    Workflow development supporting proactive predictive analytics
•    Accountability by analyzing and reporting the effectiveness of care
•    Detection of incomplete or missing data in transitions that are relevant to the care continuum
•    Enhanced focus on prevention, early identification and management of chronic health problems


Agape’s multiple programs provide a continuum of care with a holistic approach for all clients and their families. Agape recognizes that long-term wellness and recovery from physical neglect, sickness, mental illness, substance use disorders, criminal justice system, and trauma require integrated programs instead of traditional models of treatment and rehabilitation. Today over 150 staff members are dedicated to providing the whole person care model with over 1,000 children and families receiving weekly services through Agapes residential inpatient and outpatient programs. Together in loving service, our vision is to see every individual in our community empowered with the hope of reaching their full God given potential.

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