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Outpatient Treatment Programs

Agapes outpatient medical health home addresses the physical and behavioral aspects of health, as well as the social determinants each individual and family needs to achieve health and well-being. Our goal is to improve outcomes and provide appropriate integrated health care in an individual’s changing condition throughout the healthcare continuum. Agapes in-home and on-site care teams are available for seamless transitions of care regardless of where treatment or events take place – schools, community, hospitals, emergency departments, crisis acute care, inpatient psychiatric facilities, post-detox step-down services, juvenile/criminal justice, child welfare/foster care, and residential programs.

Agape Network is uniquely positioned and qualified to serve difficult patients with complex behavioral and psychical health care needs. Agape outpatient care teams include medical director, psychiatrist, arnp, registered nurse, therapists, licensed clinical social workers, care/case managers, care coordinators, chaplains, DCF/AHCA on-site benefits eligibility determination specialist, intake team, registered dietician, and peer specialists. Agape also provides services through mobile technology telehealth/telemedicine, helping our care teams monitor patients’ health remotely, identify symptoms, and provide early interventions at their point of need.

Agape provides various specialized outpatient programs including; health screenings, chronic care, (ppw) pregnant and post-partum women and their children, psychosocial rehabilitation, medication management, ePrescribing, infant/children’s mental health, adult mental health, substance use disorders, disease management, rapid scheduling, and hospitalist network support.

Agape care management teams have an emphasis on being whole person and family centered, engaging and enhancing patient’s natural support system across the spectrum of physical/behavioral health services, social services, housing, prevention, education, and employment.

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