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Our Mission

Agape Network’s mission is to “Restore individuals and families to psychological, social, physical, and spiritual health.”   Recognizing that every person was made by a loving Creator who intends for their life to be full and purposeful, we offer integrated comprehensive quality care services rooted in compassion, hope and faith, with a belief that, by the grace of God, every individual can reach their full potential.

Throughout our network of services, we journey with our clients and their families offering unconditional love — the meaning of Agape – and pair this with professional treatment guided by best practices, and a continual quality improvement process based on evidence and outcome data.

Our guiding principles are to glorify God by promoting wellness, strengthening families, and working within a collaborative environment that values and respects our clients (regardless of their religious beliefs, our employees, neighbors and the diverse communities in which we operate.  We believe these “pillars” reflect the characteristics of God’s ministry of mercy – moved with compassion to heal the sick not only in this life, but for eternity.

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