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Claudio M. Perez, Hon. D.D.


Dr. Claudio M. Perez provides dynamic leadership with a passion for maximizing the full potential in all people. As a visionary leader who enjoys serving and empowering others, he uses innovation, evidence, analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT digital integration to accomplish organizational objectives and outcomes optimization. As a young businessman in 1988, Mr. Perez was confronted with the life changing message of God’s unconditional Agape love. Excited about this newfound love and purpose, he incorporated into his investment career, the spiritual health of individuals and families.

Throughout his successful thirty five year career, he has been involved in numerous ventures ranging from real estate investments, business mergers and acquisitions, healthcare and social services, inmate services, faith based non-profits, to systems development for equities and futures market trading companies. In his affiliations with these companies he has served as Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Investor. Mr. Perez has been a passionate voice and strong advocate for the underserved and disenfranchised people he is called to serve. He has received the prestigious Congressional Award in Washington for outstanding leadership and invaluable service to the community.

Today, Mr. Perez continues to serve as Investor and CEO of the AGAPE Network with partnerships in Managed Care Organizations, HMO's, ACO's, and Digital National Networks. He also understands, coaches and inspires other chief executives and elected officials to fulfill God’s divine purpose in their personal and professional lives. He has been on local, national television and radio programs to provide a voice for those who do not have one. Together in loving service, he strongly believes we can see God’s love accomplish the mission for which AGAPE strives, "Restoring Individuals and Families to Psychological, Social, Physical, and Spiritual Health." 

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