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Vicki Lopez

Foundation Board Member

Vicki Lopez is a well-respected authority in government and community relations. Her expertise includes education, under-served communities, healthcare, affordable housing and criminal and juvenile justice issues. She consults with local, state and national government officials, policymakers and stakeholders on these issues. She has considerable experience in the areas of public policy, research and analysis, media and public relations, public speaking, government and community relations, public affairs, advocacy, communications, consensus and team building, fundraising, finance, accounting, budgeting, strategic planning, training and development, management, and administration. She is also a motivational speaker who has been invited to speak in various venues on a number of different topics.

Consultant with extensive experience in non-profit management, community initiatives, local and state government, public policy, media and public relations, public speaking, lobbying, advocacy, communications, consensus and team building, fundraising, strategic planning, finance, accounting, management and administration.

Government relations and public affairs company engaged in community relations, statewide political consulting and
fundraising, public policy development, external affairs, government relations and public affairs on behalf of national, state and local clients with a specialty in non-profit consulting and advocacy.

Research and keep current on client issues; analyze bills, assess client's position and develop strategies to promote,
improve or defeat legislation; lobby legislative staff and members on strategically selected priorities; draft educational materials for legislative staff and relevant partners; testify before legislative committees; present information in meetings and conferences; periodically report updates and progress to clients and partners; responsible for public relations efforts to inform stakeholders and media about client issues; and coordinate fundraising efforts. Responsible for all accounts receivable, accounts payable, client billing, expense reporting, tax preparation and other financial and administrative duties.

Vicki has a B.B.A. in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame. She is fluent in Spanish.

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