Maureen Lewis

Peer Specialist Supervisor

Maureen Lewis has over eleven (11) years’ experience in the Behavioral Health field.  She has worked as a Mental Health Technician, a Peer Specialist and a Peer Specialist Supervisor.

She has brought her own personal experience in mentoring and understanding the many challenges that are faced with the population of substance abuse, mental health, dual diagnosed, homelessness, denial of additions, loss of identity.

She has been serving Agape residential clients for the past nine (9) years and has assisted hundreds of clients in cultivating their independence, self-confidence, and self-esteem. She empowers others to explore new options, resources, building relationships, feelings, attitudes, families and restoration to normal lives.

She participates in feeding the homeless, giving out clothing and other items on the streets of Miami-Dade County.  She is an avid mentor through her Christian faith and hosts a bible study at her home.

Maureen is a licensed Therapeutic Foster Parent who works with troubled children, a Certified Professional Peer Specialist, Florida Board Certified in Recovery Peer Specialist – AFV, and has been trained and certified in Non-Abusive Psychological & Physical Intervention.

She enjoys reading, meditating on the word of God, time with her children and serving others.

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