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Raul Ulloa Valladares, MD


Raul Ulloa, MD, was born in Havana, Cuba, from a young age he showed great motivation towards the medical field. That's how it all began, a motivation became a goal and then it became a reality.


Dr. Ulloa stood out during his university studies. In 2006 Dr. Ulloa graduated with honors from the Institute of Medical Sciences of the University of Havana and was selected to be a member of the "Advanced Movement" with the goal of work in communities, covering a largely underserved population. After migrating to the U.S. Dr. Ulloa was determined to continue his beloved profession despite the challenges this would represent.


Raul joined the Psychiatry Residency Program at Community Health of South Florida, Inc. in 2018 and finished in 2022 with honors, serving as chief resident for his last 2 years of residency, demonstrating professionalism, compassion, and leadership.


Dr. “U”, as he is lovingly called by many of his patients, is a compassionate psychiatrist who always provides the best care in the beautiful city of Miami where Dr. Ulloa says he has not only found a home, but also, an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.


Dr. Ulloa has experience working in crisis units, Rehab facilities and outpatient settings, where he did moonlight work during his residency, in the future he visualizes himself as a well-trained psychiatrist, working in this beautiful city, doing everything possible to improve the quality of life of his patients and the community. Raul lives with a mother, wife, daughter and 2 pets, he considers himself a very familiar person and likes to spend time with his family and friends, go to the beaches and play tennis in his free time.

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