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Rev. Jose E. Hernandez, D.Min.

Founder/Board Member

Retired Commander of Chaplaincy Services Bureau & Ministries Coordinator – Miami-Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department, Founder/Executive Director of South Florida Jail Ministries & Agape Network.

Rev. Jose E. Hernandez was born in Cuba and at the age of eight moved to Miami with his family. Through a series of life experiences, he dedicated his life to serving God when he was seventeen years old.

In 1981 he was selected as the Chaplain for Metro Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department. Rev. Hernandez was promoted from Chaplain to Religious Coordinator for the Metro Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department in 1983. In addition to his work with the County, in 1983 Dr. Hernandez founded South Florida Jail Ministries and The Agape Network.

In addition to South Florida Jail Ministries, Dr. Hernandez has founded other community-oriented programs including a multiethnic, non-denomination movement entitled “We are One” and, the Agape Network, a nationally accredited community health center and residential recovery for female substance abusers. Dr. Hernandez has served as Agape’s Executive Director since its beginning in 1984. Agape has grown to six programs throughout Dade County serving weekly over 1,500 individuals and families.

Dr. Hernandez has received national recognition from the National Association of Counties for his work with the jail ministries, has served as Co-Chair for the religious task force to rebuild South Dade churches, a “We Will Rebuild” committee. Presently Dr. Hernandez serves on the boards of several community agencies including Miami Coalition for a Drug Free Community which he Co-Chaired with Rabbi Schift.

In 1999 Dr. Hernandez was once again promoted this time from Religious Coordinator to Commander of the Miami Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department Chaplaincy Services Bureau. In 2009, his work at the Department of Corrections encompassed six correctional facilities and more than 100,000 inmates annually.

Today, Dr. Hernandez, through a tenacious commitment to God and to his Community, continues to work with his colleagues in the Department of Corrections and with community and religious groups in the deadly war against drug and crime in our society.

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