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Expansion- The Future Agape Village Health Center

We recently celebrated our groundbreaking of new Agape Village Health Center!

Agape Network is uniquely positioned and qualified to serve our community’s most difficult patients with complex behavioral and physical health care needs. Agape is a non-profit and nondenominational community health center, nationally accredited, integrating behavioral health and primary care services in a patient centered medical health home model that includes multiple programs. Agape provides a coordinated continuum of care with a holistic approach for all clients and their families, recognizing that long-term wellness and recovery from mental illness, substance abuse disorders, criminality, trafficking, and severe trauma requires alternative programming to traditional models of treatment and rehabilitation. Agape’s residential services for at risk women include pregnant and postpartum mothers with children, as well as diverting chronic patients and over-utilizers from the criminal justice system, crisis units, hospital emergency departments, homelessness and the foster care system. Agape’s evidence based practices incorporate a diverse overlay of programs that include a Vegetable & Wellness Plant Nursery, Culinary Arts, Dance, Music, Arts, and Equine Therapy.


Agape is looking for life transforming partners to join in the expansion of the “Agape Village Health Center” increasing capacity by doubling the patients being served from 1,000 to 2,500 receiving weekly services. Residential inpatient capacity would be expanded from 62-beds to 141-beds with a Clinic & Wellness Medical Center, Educational & Vocational Center, Transitional Supported Housing Units/Cottages, and a Preschool/Early Education/Day Care Center. This expansion was approved in 2001, by the Miami-Dade County Commissioners/Building Department under Resolution #CZAB15-16-01.

The “Agape Village Health Center” will improve the health of our communities, linking clients to a medical health home for long term wellness and preventive care, not only for this life, but for eternity.

Click here to download our expansion packet.

Click here to download our naming opportunities packet. 

Agape Expansion

Agape Expansion

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