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Residential Clinical Director

Dr. Venus Miller is a double ANCC Family & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with 30 years of experience in Mental Health. A passion for substance Abuse, homelessness and Dual Diagnosed patients is evident every day as a community advocate and has the role as Clinical Director in Agape Network, Inc. As proud Wife, mother and grandmother the impact of total wellness is key. She recently received her doctoral degree from FIU where her specialty included psychiatry and family medical intervention. She currently practices as a Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at a community-based clinic in Miami Florida. Mrs. Miller is also a Doctorial preceptor at FIU for over 15 years. As a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, much of her work is focused on education, therapy, individual assessments, medication management and treatment of patients struggling and diagnosed with substance abuse and mental illness.

Venus is currently serving the Dade and Broward County areas as motivational speaker with speaking assignments focused on the impact of mental illness and trauma. Also, as an author and lead mental health consultant in several women’s groups she states that “mental wellness is key to prevent repeated devastating behaviors that can impact the individual as well as other”. Her motto is “YOU CAN NOT HEAL FROM WHAT YOU WILL NOT DEAL WITH”. Her workbook “HEALED” is focused on pulling others out of devastation to deliverance.

Venus is a survivor of early childhood exposure to domestic violence. This impact proved devastating including depression, anxiety and constant thoughts of suicide, despair, rejection and constant mental anguish. Healing started the process of change that propelled her to get up, forgive, live and help other to mentally and physically survive.

Venus’s goal, passion and purpose are to bring awareness to schools, churches, communities, professionals, individuals and families about the generational trauma of abuse, violence and drugs that repeats a cycle leading to individual and worldwide devastation. This will not stop until we start to deal with the issue and the underlying cause for the current devastation happening in our nation. It really is “TIME2TALK4REAL.

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